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Have you always wanted to sing but never thought you had the ability?  If you can match a reference pitch, you can make tremendous improvements as a singer. The not-so-secret ingredient for your success is the measure of your motivation.  Singing is not just for the naturally gifted – it’s for everyone who has a desire to express his or  her  emotions  through  music. 

Do you want to learn solid techniques that will serve you well for many kinds of singing styles?  Do you want to become a fearless singer whose voice possesses beauty, ease, and confidence?  Individual singing instruction offers a chance for you to redirect pent-up stress and gain a satisfying sense of accomplishment. Voice lessons act as your very own  “private hour” to be yourself – no chores, no homework, no stress and no worries – just you  and  your  love  of  music.

My teaching methods utilize Bel Canto techniques (Italian for “good singing”) and I show students how these techniques can help them to succeed in almost every singing styles. I also discuss the differences between the “language of speech” and the “language of singing,” and how this knowledge can place a student on a fast track to improvement.  I am an elected member of NATS, the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

My knowledge spans many musical styles, such as Broadway, American popular standards, jazz, classical, opera, blues, rock and folk. I tailor the singing repertoire studied in each lesson to the specific interests of the student.  A number of my young singing artists have designed and performed their own solo shows, inspired perhaps in a small way by my experiences as a professional  singer  and  entertainer. 

Should you have any questions, please refer to my Frequently Asked Questions page, and check out the Testimonials and Recordings pages, also. Naturally, should you wish to talk about scheduling your first lesson,  go  directly  to  my  Contact  page.

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