My Student Testimonials

Throughout my many years of performing and teaching, I’ve enjoyed some fantastic journeys! So many of my students, past and present, have a special place in my heart. The memories of their voices, their personalities, their love of music coupled with a striving to improve their musical abilities have kept them in my thoughts. Here are a few of them:


In my first lesson with David Troup, I began making the sounds that I had only dreamed about. I floated out of his studio that day as if I was walking on a cloud! David knows how to adapt his voice to many singing styles... continue reading


No other singing teacher has helped me to identify so concretely the difficulties in my singing and to develop techniques that bring about a more confident and uniform sound... continue reading


It seems like such a long time since we last talked, but time cannot dampen my wonderful memories of singing with you. Since we said our goodbyes as I headed off to my freshman college year, I am delighted to tell you that I’m now a member of the Harvard Glee Club. I so love making music with the Glee Club…. oh how I wish you could hear us!... continue reading


David's musical talent, knowledge, experience, and teaching skills have boosted my singing voice to a level I never believed I could attain.  And his engaging personality coupled with his amazing sense of humor make every lesson a fun experience. I am fortunate to have him as my singing teacher and my dear friend.


I always wanted to learn how to sing, but never knew where to start. David's lessons became the perfect launching pad, but also the one hour of my week I looked forward to the most! Beyond being a fantastic vocal teacher, David has become an incredible friend and mentor in life. I'm deeply grateful for his passion, enthusiasm, and positivity each week.


My voice lessons have let me access an area of my brain that, ordinarily, I seldom visit. In addition, the lessons have given me the expansive experience of doing something outside of my comfort zone in mid-life. I can’t imagine a better teacher than David Troup for this. He brings knowledge of music theory and Bel Canto technique, a wealth of professional entertaining experience and a wonderful sense of humor and play to his work. I recommend him highly.


David has been incredibly supportive of me throughout the years we have been together, and he has always made sure that I am comfortable. Along the way, I realized that I had gained much more than a teacher --- I also gained a good friend. He has made singing and the process of learning enjoyable through his incredible knowledge on the subject, his great sense of humor, and his kindness... continue reading


Having David as my voice teacher has been a wonderfully positive experience. Not only did I gain much better understanding of singing techniques, but the lessons were fun and enthusiastic. Not once would David be negative in any way. He was always encouraging and he demonstrated a genuine belief in my abilities. This resulted in a huge growth in my level of confidence. I felt like a star, as if anything was possible.

Rachel H.

I had been a good amateur singer my whole life, but my training with David took me to a whole other level! I became a real singer, able to conquer and perform challenging pieces with style and grace, while at the same time acquiring the confidence so necessary to sing in a public performance.

I highly recommend David Troup as a singing teacher and coach… He will bring out the best in you!

Rachel S.

A letter from Rachel's parents:

I am sending this note to you to express thanks for all you do for Rachel! Thank you for not only the great voice and music instruction you impart, but also the greater wisdom you inject over the course of your lessons, particularly with Rachel's auditions and college plans on the horizon. I know all this probably comes quite naturally for you, due to your fine character, but Christine and I both are very grateful.