Lesson Policies

Lessons are 55-minute sessions that include both flexible vocal exercises and song practice with sheet music. I do not offer half-hour lessons. I also strongly recommend taking lessons once a week for best results.

In your lessons, I can provide you with song recommendations from my extensive music library, or you are quite welcome to bring songs that you would like to sing!


My Pricing

My lesson fee is $65.00 per 55-minute session. I request that you pay me in full for each month during the first session of that month. You will be writing fewer checks, and I will be able to pay my monthly expenses in a timely manner. Of course, I also accept bank transfers from Zelle and Venmo.

Since many folks want to “take a voice teacher for a test drive” as they investigate their first lesson, I ask to be paid only for that first session as the hour comes to a close.


Skype Lessons

Can’t come in person? Don’t worry! I have the equipment to teach you over either Skype or Zoom. Policies and pricing remain the same, but online lessons must be paid in advance of each 60-minute session through Zelle or Venmo.


Credit Lessons

A prepaid lesson that must be cancelled for any reason becomes a credit lesson that never expires. Credit lessons can be scheduled during school or work holidays, or whenever we can find a suitable time. If you live far away, we can simply add extra time to a scheduled lesson as well!