Fearless Singing

Have you always wanted to sing but never thought you had the ability? If you can match a reference pitch, you can make tremendous improvements as a singer. The not-so-secret ingredient for your success is the measure of your motivation. Singing is not just for the naturally gifted – it’s for everyone who has a desire to express his or her emotions through music.

Do you want to learn solid techniques that will serve you well for many kinds of singing styles? Do you want to become a fearless singer whose voice possesses beauty, ease, and confidence? Individual singing instruction offers a chance for you to redirect pent-up stress and gain a satisfying sense of accomplishment. Voice lessons act as your very own “private hour” to be yourself – no chores, no homework, no stress and no worries – just you and your love of music.

My teaching methods utilize Bel Canto techniques (Italian for “good singing”) and I show students how these techniques can help them to succeed in almost every singing styles. I also discuss the differences between the “language of speech” and the “language of singing,” and how this knowledge can place a student on a fast track to improvement. I am an elected member of NATS, the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

My knowledge spans many musical styles, such as Broadway, American popular standards, jazz, classical, opera, blues, rock and folk. I tailor the singing repertoire studied in each lesson to the specific interests of the student. A number of my young singing artists have designed and performed their own solo shows, inspired perhaps in a small way by my experiences as a professional singer and entertainer.

Should you have any questions, please refer to my Frequently Asked Questions page. Naturally, should you wish to talk about scheduling your first lesson, you can view my contact information below.

My Professional Experience

Having circled the world almost a dozen times as a baritone, I have performed at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in The People's Republic of China, the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia AND... every REST STOP along both sides of the New Jersey Turnpike!

I have sung with the National Symphony Orchestra, the N. E. Pennsylvania Philharmonic and the 1960's rock band known as The Rainbow Press, whose two Audio Fidelity LP recordings of 1968 and 1969 have recently (March 2015) been re-pressed and re-released in Europe on 12" vinyl record discs to adoring audiences around the world!

My Teaching Experience

I am an active professional entertainer/singer who has been teaching music-lovers for over twenty-five years how to make tremendous improvements in their singing. I can help you become a stronger, more confident singer. You will learn to develop solid singing techniques as well as a fearless approach to singing, whether it's just for your own personal enjoyment or for an audience of willing listeners.

My students come to me from Northern Virginia as well as nearby Maryland and Washington, D.C. I welcome ages 10 to 100! I am experienced in teaching many styles of singing: pop, jazz, Broadway, country, opera, operetta, oratorio and art song.

I am comfortable teaching in all these singing styles because I have performed all these styles in my diverse and successful singing career, which has taken me around the world several times. I encourage all of my students to focus on songs from their favorite musical genres.

Through both my years of performing and teaching, I have discovered the amazing power of music and how that power can help us to become happier and more productive individuals. Join my wonderful band of devoted singing students! You will be so glad that you did!

Once upon a time, many years ago, I was a U. S. Air Force Singing Sergeant performing with the U.S.A.F. Band.

After my five years of military service, I traded in my Air Force uniforms for tuxedos and, occasionally, my Scottish kilt. I entered a new world of singing operas and hotel nightclub revues.

The above photos is from Annapolis Opera's production of the Johann Strauss operetta, "DIE FLEDERMAUS."

Then, a wonderful opportunity presented itself. My singing partner, Dorothy Kingston, and I were offered the opportunity to perform aboard the world's most luxurious cruise ships. The Singing Team of David & Dorothy was traveling around the world and loving it!

Then, for a while, I started running around with this wild and crazy crowd of merry makers. Even the photo sessions were great fun!

One of our performing venues was the Washington Home and Hospice in northwest Washington, D.C.